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The 2009 Toyota FT-86 Concept

Initial layout and design elements for the 86 were first shown in 2007 on the Toyota FT-HS concept car. The FT-HS had a front engine, rear-wheel drive layout and 2+2 seating, but utilized a V6 engine with hybrid electric assistance. In 2008 Toyota bought 16.5% ofFuji Heavy Industries, parent to Subaru.[3] Toyota, led by project leader Tetsuya Tada,[4]offered Subaru involvement in their sport coupé project, co-developing a new boxer engineknown as the D4-S,[5] but Subaru rejected plans for further development of a rear wheel drive sports coupe due to their vehicle line-up predominantly offering all-wheel drive. Subaru's balk led the project to a six month halt before Toyota invited journalist and Subaru engineers to test a developmental prototype to demonstrate the capabilities of the platform. Following the test, Subaru agreed to become further involved in development.[6]

The new collaboration produced a new concept car in October 2009 at the Tokyo Motor Show, the FT-86. Smaller than the FT-HS, the design of the FT-86 was further refined by Toyota's ED2 design studio while the hybrid V6 engine was replaced by the new D4-S boxer. Subaru provided the chassis and gearbox for the concept car, basing it on a Impreza. The concept was painted Shoujyouhi Red, based on the backside of a Japanese Macaque.[7]

The following year, Toyota launched their G Sports line of aftermarket accessories, and showed the FT-86 G Sports fitted with G Sports performance parts. These included carbon fibre panels, a vented bonnet, rear wing, 19 in (48 cm) wheels, Recaro race seats, and an interior rollcage.[8] The D4-S engine also added a turbocharger.[9]

In 2011, Toyota and Subaru unveiled five near-production concept cars to show their progress with the project. The first, known as the FT-86 II Concept, was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2011. ED2 refined the design of the initial FT-86, developing new front and rear fascias, and increasing the dimensions of the car by several millimeters.[10] At the same show Subaru unveiled a transparent silhouette concept car to show off the new D4-S boxer engine and display the "Boxer Sports Car Architecture".[11] Scion followed next in April at the New York Auto Show with the FR-S Sports Coupe Concept, co-developed with aftermarket tuner Five Axis.[12] Another semi-transparent Subaru, known as the BRZ Prologue, was shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September,[13] followed in November at the Los Angeles International Auto Show by the BRZ Concept STI, the first full mock-up of Subaru's version of the 86 with input fromSubaru Tecnica International.[14]

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